Incredible photos from space show off the historic East Coast ‘bomb cyclone’


The East Coast “bomb cyclone” on Thursday looks both beautiful and sinister from space. 

While scientists have been tracking storms using satellites in orbit for decades, they now have a brand new tool at their disposal: GOES-16, also called GOES-East. 

The brand new satellite — which wasn’t available to scientists last winter — is one of the most powerful weather-watching tools in history, able to take snapshots of the storm every minute.

The result? Some truly astonishing images.

The storm, which is bringing blizzard conditions to areas from Virginia to Maine, along with hurricane-force wind gusts and damaging coastal flooding, looks like a classic non-tropical storm. It took on a comma shape, drawing in moisture all the way from the Bahamas, and dumping it into an Arctic air mass in place over the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast.  Read more…

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