The best shows to binge during this wild winter storm weekend


Climate change is probably coming for us like the Night King’s army on Game of Thrones, but at least we get to start the year with a snow day and some work-mandated remote hours.

So now that you’re out of school or the office and trapped in swirling vortex of icy tomb, WHAT SHOULD YOU WATCH FIRST? Fear not, cold brethren, for we have you covered. Check out 10 shows you can binge right now to make the most of your bomb cyclone long weekend. 

1Search Party

The TBS show may seem like formula on paper; it’s got a core cast of New York millennials who are struggling and self-absorbed, but Alia Shawkat, John Early, Meredith Hagner, and John Paul Reynolds are an alchemical combination. What gives the show its edge is how well it teeters on the ed of the macabre; Dory (Shawkat) becomes morbidly fascinated with a missing high school classmate to the point where the search consumes her life and thoughts. Season 2 deals with the fallout from a shocking finale and is as transfixing and perversely humorous as the first. We say from experience that you can binge a season in a day. Read more…

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