Melinda Gates on why we should invest in women in 2018: “Simply put, women get things done”


It may be a new year, but Melinda Gates is still committed to using her platform and voice to empower women throughout the world.

The co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and well-known philanthropist kicked off 2018 by writing an op-ed for Time titled, “It’s Time for a New Era for Women.”

In the article, Gates examines how powerful, women-led movements and organizations are changing the world, and shares why it’s crucial we start investing in them.

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“The year 2017 has been a painful reminder that when men hold most of the power it’s all too easy for them to abuse it. But the moment of reckoning prompted by the ‘Me Too’ conversation has also proven that by coming together and speaking in one voice, women can tip the balance,” Gates began. Read more…

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