Here’s all the far-out futuristic transportation stuff we’re excited to see at CES

Typically, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is a feeding frenzy of big TVs, weird gadgets, and superfluous technology, but in recent years it’s become something else too: a car show. The auto industry, perhaps preferring the warm glow of the tech press, has been using CES to showcase its big, futuristic ideas about autonomy, electrification, and infotainment. Later this month comes the overshadowed Detroit auto show, where automakers pivot to the stuff that people can buy, and what makes car companies money: trucks, SUVs, minivans, and luxury sedans.

We’ve been harping on the fact that CES is a car show for years now. And this year is no different, with a whole swarm of high-tech, tricked-out vehicles — and even a few aircraft —…

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