D-Link is the latest company to get an early start on 802.11ax routers

802.11ax is the next big jump in Wi-Fi, designed to be faster and better at coping with handling large numbers of devices connected at one time, as is increasingly common in our houses and offices. It’s also not actually quite finished, with the Wi-Fi Alliance not actually planning on product certification for the new standard until next year.

Still, that hasn’t stopped companies from releasing what are theoretically 802.11ax routers anyway, even if there’s basically no laptops, phones, computers, or pretty much any other hardware out there that will be able to take advantage of the spec. Which brings us to D-Link, which at CES 2018 has not one, but two 802.11ax routers to announced: the dual-band AX6000 Ultra Wi-Fi Router and the…

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Chaim Gartenberg

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