Mom, I’ll Be In My Attic Spaceship

Most attics sit empty or serve as storage space to keep infrequently used items out of sight. Many of us keep boxes of half-completed abandoned projects there. But some people turn the attic itself into the project: this past Christmas some very lucky children received a spaceship playroom in the attic. [Titospot] shared his project via an Imgur album.

The cramped space lends itself to the theme as real-life spacecraft have never been known for interior spaciousness. The builders are skilled enough at standard home improvement tasks of building out and finishing a room, then they took their step into the unknown by building a control panel for the spaceship.  [Titospot’s] caption text reveals some insecurity with his electronics build quality but, hey, we all had to start somewhere! Few of our first electronics projects were as much fun as his spaceship control panel. Packed with buttons and switches that trigger light and sound, it is sure to become the focus of many imaginary adventures to galaxies far, far away.

We hope this will inspire the children to get hands-on themselves and add to their spaceship. They look to be the right age to start with construction paper and crayons, then they can work their way up. That table is near a power source and a window – perfect for a future soldering iron and a fume extractor. Maybe one day they’ll show dad how to build a better control panel.

In addition to home spaceships, we also have a secret office behind the bookshelf and widening a basement wall to host an aquarium.

Thanks to [harald] for the tip!

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