I took a gamble by riding in a self-driving Lyft in Las Vegas

It’s not terribly easy to go to a casino in Las Vegas and come back without losing any money, but this week I pulled it off. The trick? I never even got out of the car that brought me there.

I was in a BMW 540i that was riddled with self-driving technology from British company Aptiv. They’re here at the Consumer Electronics Show in partnership with Lyft to offer rides in these semi-autonomous BMWs, demonstrating to show-going tech fans what it will be like to one day hail a self-driving cab.

Like most good self-driving demonstrations, it was pretty boring. The ride was smooth, though my six-foot frame was a bit cramped in the back seat. The car didn’t veer from side to side like some semi-autonomous vehicles tend to do, and the safety…

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Sean O’Kane

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