Whirlpool’s new smart oven works with Alexa and Yummly to help you avoid burning down your kitchen

For those who only spend time in the kitchen out of necessity rather than a love for cooking, Whirlpool has added an integration with recipes app Yummly to help making meals a bit less stressful. At CES 2018, the appliance company has unveiled a new line of smart kitchen range and microwave that pairs with Yummly so you can select recipes you’d like to make and the appliances will automatically preheat, cook, and turn themselves off when the meals are done cooking.

Yummly works by letting you pick your dietary preferences, ingredients you have in the fridge, or cooking difficulty / time and walks you through how to make a dish with step-by-step instructions. If you have random stuff in the fridge, you’ll also be able to use Yummly to…

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Natt Garun

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