Here’s every single tip, trick, and life hack from Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’


As anybody who watches Netflix’s new Queer Eye will tell you, the Fab 5 are miracle workers.

Antoni (food and wine), Bobby (home), Jonathan (hair and grooming), Karamo (culture), and Tan (clothes) take people from all walks of life and glow 👏 up 👏 their 👏 whole 👏 damn 👏 existence. 👏

The question is: How do you re-create that experience for yourself?

*watches Queer Eye once*

— MJ Franklin (@heyitsfranklin2) March 11, 2018

Much has been said about how Netflix’s Queer Eye is not your typical makeover showWriting for The Ringer, Alison Herman points out “This Fab Five wants to take on its projects’ inner lives as well as their outer presentation; in fact, Queer Eye now sees improvements to the latter as a means to improve the former, rather than as a goal in and of itself.” And as an Out interview with the new Fab 5 explained, “The goal isn’t to give subjects a makeover, but rather, as the gurus call it, a ‘make-better.’ It’s about tapping into the subjects’ insecurities, playing to their strengths, and establishing a genuine, enduring connection with them.” Read more…

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