Color’s new DNA test kit can identify inherited heart conditions

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Genetic testing company Color is mostly known for its DNA tests for cancer, but its most recent test kit is all about the heart. Color’s new kit can detect predispositions to various inherited heart conditions, such as abnormal heart rhythms and any disease affecting the heart muscle and arteries. It does that by analyzing and looking for mutations in 30 genes that determine the heart’s structure, function and rhythm. Color admits that hereditary heart conditions aren’t that common, but the odds are still one in 200 people.

The 30 genes the kit tests for are the ones the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics identified as “medically actionable.” That means if people find out early that they’re predisposed to develop certain hereditary heart ailments — something they might not event expect if they’re fit and healthy — they can take precautionary measures before they’re suddenly hit by stroke or suffer from a heart attack.

Their doctors can test for hearth rhythm abnormalities, for instance, or cholesterol levels or plaque build-up. In addition, if someone finds out they have genetic mutations, then they could also have their kids or siblings undergo medical testing for good measure. Color’s hereditary heart testing kit is now available for purchase and will set you back $249, just like the company’s hereditary cancer test. #news #info #photo #pictures #world #health #sport #business #gadgets #space #nature #social #follow #movie

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