This Hulu–Spotify Package Deal Sounds Pretty Good If You Can Stomach Commercials

Image: Hulu, Spotify

In a joint press release today, Hulu and Spotify announced they would be offering a package deal: services from both companies for just $13 a month. It’s an admittedly pretty solid deal, but you’re going to have to suffer through commercials on your rewatch of the Handmaid’s Tale if you want to take advantage of it.

The offer is pretty swanky if you already subscribe to Spotify’s $10 premium plan. For $3 more a month, you get Hulu’s “limited commercial” plan that normally retails for $8 a month. That means all of Hulu’s original content, as well as its streaming library, which includes episodes of most of the major TV shows from most of the major channels just a day after airing. To sweeten the deal, the two companies are only going to charge $1 a month for the Hulu access for the first three months you subscribe to both together.

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