Tristan Thompson’s D.C. Makeout Chick Had No Clue Khloe Was Pregnant

Tristan Thompson

D.C. Makeout Chick Says

I Had No Idea Khloe Was Pregnant!!!

4/11/2018 12:44 PM PDT


One of the chicks Tristan Thompson made out with back in October says she had no idea he was serious with Khloe Kardashian … much less that she was having his baby.

The woman’s name is Marie — she’s the one on the left in the surveillance video — and sources close to her tell TMZ … Marie was given the impression Tristan and Khloe’s relationship was casual. We’re told she later learned Tristan and Khloe had been together for almost a year … and, at that point, she cut off the fling. 

Our source says Marie is a mother herself, and did not want to be a homewrecker.

TMZ broke the story … Tristan cheated with Marie and another woman at a D.C. area hookah lounge. The video shows them making out and getting very handsy … with Tristan’s junk.

For what it’s worth, that encounter went down 11 days after we broke the story Khloe and Tristan were expecting their first kid.

And here’s a crazy un-related fact — we’re told Marie was at the Miami party last month where Chris Brown grabbed a woman’s neck. She’s the one in the floral dress. You’ll recall, Chris said it was all just horseplay, and we’re told Marie says the same.

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