Pluto’s Moon Charon Now Has a Crater Called Dorothy, Among Other Newly Named Features

Pluto’s largest moon, Charon.
Image: NASA/New Horizons

Up until July 2015, Pluto’s largest Moon, Charon, was just a pixel in terms of what we knew about it. That all changed when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped through the system, revealing craters, deep crevices, valleys, and mountains on the distant moon—surface features that now have formal names.

Dorothy, Butler, Kubrick, and Nemo—these are a sampling of the new names given to some Charon’s most distinctive surface features, as proposed by the New Horizons team and approved by the International Astronomical Union’s Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature. Some of the names, such as the Argo Chasma (a canyon) and Kubrick Mons (a mountain), were already in use by astronomers, but the IAU’s ruling now makes them official.

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