Report: Facebook Is Fueling Violence in Sri Lanka, and Did Basically Nothing to Stop It

Sri Lankan police move the body of a dead man following riots in Kandy, Sri Lanka, on March 6th, 2018.
Photo: AP

Facebook has been taking a lot of heat for myriad controversies in the US, including its jaw-dropping data privacy screwups and allegations it is maybe wrecking democracy by helping fuel online echo chambers. But as skeptical as many stateside are getting of Mark Zuckerberg and crew, the company’s role doing damage in other countries is beginning to attract more scrutiny.

According to a Saturday report in the New York Times, participants on both sides of Sri Lanka’s ongoing tensions between the majority Sinhalese Buddhist population and the country’s Muslim minority have become intimately familiar with the way Facebook can be used to perpetuate conflict. While Sri Lanka’s long-running civil war between the government and Tamil separatists ended in 2009, in its wake ethnic persecution has grown to the point where the government was recently forced to declare a state of emergency.

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