Ferrari commits to using new rear suspension in Monaco Grand Prix

Ferrari has committed to using its new rear suspension specification for the Monaco Grand Prix, despite trialling the old configuration in Thursday practice.

The new suspension upright has a more aggressive transition that is designed to help improve the aerodynamic efficiency at the rear of the SF71H.

It was introduced for the Spanish GP, but Ferrari’s drop in performance there, particularly over a race distance, prompted further investigation from the Maranello team.

Ferrari tested the suspension with the old, flatter upright in Thursday practice, which ended with Sebastian Vettel third fastest and just over half a second behind Red Bull’s pacesetter Daniel Ricciardo.

It took part in Saturday afternoon’s final practice with the new spec fitted, which will remain in place for qualifying and Sunday’s race.

Vettel finished third again in FP3 but was closer to Ricciardo this time, lapping just over two tenths slower than the Australian’s benchmark.

Autosport’s technical expert Gary Anderson said when the design first appeared that it may have slightly altered the Ferrari’s suspension geometry but is mainly for aerodynamic reasons.

“Managing the airflow around the inside of the tyre allows the multitude of turning vanes that are mounted on the inner surface of the rear brake duct to produce more downforce directly on the tyre contact patch,” said Anderson.

“The downforce does not have to go through the suspension system so it is loading the tyre more constantly and does not alter as the suspension moves.”

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