Kanye West and Kid Cudi Release Their Joint Album ‘Kids See Ghosts’

Tonight, Kanye West and Kid Cudi teamed up as Kids See Ghosts to release their first album as a duo. Kids See Ghosts is premiering via a livestreamed listening party held outside of L.A. Thursday night; Kanye and Kid Cudi are both in attendance. The album will presumably hit all streaming services by Friday. To tune in and watch the release party live, download the WAV app here (it’s free, but has had its fair share of difficulties tonight). The rollout is largely following the same broad strokes as Kanye’s release of his solo album, Ye, last week – bonfire-centric listening and all. 

A full-length collaboration between West and Cudi was long in the making – they began working together about a decade ago, on West’s influential 808s & Heartbreak, and have been a fan favorite pairing since. While it was long speculated that the two might join up for a Watch The Throne-style project, it was never a guaranteed prospect; the pair have had several falling outs and reunions over their history together. 

That changed last month, when Kanye debuted an ambitious plan to release five albums in five weeks, each produced entirely by himself. Each album will be just seven tracks long, and Kids See Ghosts marks the third in the series, after the West’s own Ye and Pusha-T’s Daytona

In keeping with the chaotic release schedule West set for himself, it was unclear whether the duo’s name and self-titled album would be Kids See Ghost (in keeping with West’s first tweet announcing the album), or Kids See Ghosts. Rolling Stone has confirmed with his label that it is the latter.  

There hasn’t been much official information released outside of an image Kanye shared on Twitter of the working tracklist as of a week ago, but the first song on the album features a long verse from Pusha-T.