Another DNA Testing Company Reportedly Gets Fooled by Dog DNA

Pictured: Not a human.
Photo: Leamsii (Pixabay)

Consumer DNA testing is going to the dogs. A Canadian testing company has been accused of sending back supposedly human ancestry results on a faux sample that actually came from a chihuahua named Snoopy, CBC News reported Wednesday. Remarkably, it’s the second company reported to have been fooled by doggy DNA in recent months, but the full story behind the sting is even weirder.

The company in question, Viaguard Accu-Metrics, has been exclusively used to verify whether prospective members of the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada (CAPC) have any genetic ties to the indigenous populations of Canada. Those who were confirmed to have indigenous DNA via the lab’s results are then given CAPC membership. The results would supposedly not only confirm someone’s ancestry, but narrow down which tribes of the First Nations community they belonged to.

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