Grayshift May Already Have iPhone Unlocking Solution for iOS 12’s USB Restricted Mode

If they were smart, they would’ve waited until iOS 12 was in the GM stage to announce this. Now Apple can look into fixing their bypass. 😀
The issue is that it costs Apple a lot less money to throw some software updates in a patch than it does for Grayshift to update theirs. Sure, an update is an update, but it has to update easily or it will be something police will not waste money on.
I have to assume at this point Apple has one of these boxes they can test against…

Workaround: hold iPhone in front of owner’s face.

Yeah no kidding, right?

Its nice that Grayshift can help Apple fix these security holes in their OS. The sooner Grayshift shows their approaches the sooner Apple can close them – which Apple is quite good about doing (and I really love that about the company).

They could also be bluffing while they actually find another exploit. This way they don’t lose any business from LE. What will they do if Apple eliminates the port? It’s very possible that this will happen in the coming years.

Workaround: hold iPhone in front of owner’s face.

The article states it needs to be unlocked with the passcode

Workaround: hold iPhone in front of owner’s face.

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