These Are the Six Best Rain Coats, According To You

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We received a torrential downpour of recommendations for the best rain coat, but this Co-Op umbrella is only so big. The six most popular submissions are below, so check out what everyone had to say, then vote for your pick at the bottom of the post.

Arc’teryx Beta SL

For just a shell, I love my Arc’teryx Beta SL. I’ve had mine for around 10 years, but I’ve never encountered leaking seams like some of my other jackets. The SL notes that this is the “superlight” version, meaning that you can compress it down to about the size of a Coke can. That’s nice when you need rain protection at an event but don’t want to wear it the entire time. Current model is $300. – Warning!!!DangerToManifold

Same here, mines been to 4 continents, seen torrential downpours and worked as a ski shell. It has been the best clothing purchase I ever made. I pack into every travel bag because it takes up virtually no space and gives fantastic protection while still being breathable. – EchtoGammut


Marmot PreCip

Pretty cheap (usually under $80), very breathable, has pit zips and folds down to its pocket. – flahrida

This is the Toyota Camry of raincoats. It works all the time, every time. – Quattro-luvr, Now with extra Datsun(s)

The issue I have with the PreCips is that after a few years (2-5), they start delaminating on the inside. I’ve had 2 so far, not replaced the last one yet.

Before they start delaminating, love them. Very lightweight, very breathable. When riding my bicycle to work, it is not an issue to pack inside my bags. If I’m on the bus, my messenger bag doesn’t lose much space to it for just in case packing. – laggyNgroovy


Marmot Minimalist

I love, love my Marmot Minimalist.

On the more expensive side (~$190) but you can find it on sale pretty regularly and is worth every cent. I use it for camping and while at home, walking to work, etc. It’s light, a lot of pockets, good wind blocker, and made with GORE-TEX. (Also has men’s and women’s cuts.) Great all around jacket especially if you’re into camping/hiking. – Partially Bigoted Zealots

I second the Marmot Minimalist. For me it was a good balance of price and performance…perhaps leaning a little more toward performance.

Good weight, nicely textured material so it isn’t noisy, has at least 1 waterproof zipper for quick access, pit zips, and it’s under $200 for GoreTex, which is FAR & AWAY the most breathable waterproofing laminate.

Also: it gives my nerd friends an opportunity to say “Hey man…nice Marmot.” – Mash_Tun


Gill OS2 (Men | Women)

Gill OS2 (Men | Women)
Graphic: Shep McAllister

My Gill jacket I have had for 14 years in Vancouver BC. It gets wet here. I have been wanting to replace it for about five years but can’t justify replacing the shell I have, grand father of this one, but I would buy any Gill Jacket with all the well executed features mine has. The jacket doesn’t fit right around the waist, pull this line. The hoodie is too far over your eyes pull tighten this, now it’s too tight on your head, you can make it more loose. I think it took me two years to understand and appreciate how I could make this jacket fit me perfectly for every situation. Oh yea, and after all this time, mine is still waterproof after eight hours in the rain with only a regular wash. – Saddler_


Helly Hanson Workwear

If you want to truly be waterproof – like you’re standing around in the rain and don’t have to worry about wicking – you have to go PVC. Helly Hansen is my choice. – And David Justice for all


Editor’s Note: This particular Helly Hansen jacket doesn’t come in a women’s cut, but they make several other jackets that do.

Rains Coat

I love the Danish Rains brand raincoat, stylish and actually work. But if they could just go up to an XXL. – AP Bear



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