Alex Jones Files Lawsuit Trying to Force PayPal to Reinstate Infowars’ Account

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

Frequently shirtless supplement salesman and Infowars founder Alex Jones, whose small media empire has been fully or partially banned from virtually every major internet platform, is suing to get back on PayPal.

PayPal was late to the party, only banning Infowars and its affiliated Prison Planet website on September 21st over Jones’ long history of harassment and hate speech—weeks after Apple got it started by removing many of his podcasts in August. While removing Jones from Apple and other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter primarily impacted his reach, the PayPal ban directly affects core revenue streams like his dubious supplement business. As the New York Times noted, at the time Jones was granted a 10-day grace period to continue using PayPal, but after that it’s unclear how he can continue processing transactions on his website. Other payment processors like Square have similar policies against hate speech, so he may be relegated to selling through his Amazon store or eBay, the paper wrote.