Football betting strategies

Football betting strategies

Football betting strategies

This strategy is proven to be the most successful method for regular and long-term profits from sports betting. To place a worthwhile bet on an event, the market odds should be higher than the actual ones. For example – if a bettor estimates the probability of Team A winning at 50% (odds of 2.00) and at the same time notices a bet at the bookmaker of 2.30, then this could be considered as a value bet, with one requirement – that the bettor’s estimate is correct, i.e. more accurate than that of the bookmaker. More often than not, sports betting fans have less information about the event than the bookmaker, making their judgement less accurate, but there is still a percentage of bettors who have information channels that give them an advantage over online betting sites. 

The strategy is suitable for all types of sports, without restrictions. You can find value bets on football as well as tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, etc. The strategy is most successfully applied to team sports, and the reason for this is very simple – with, for example, 22 players (excluding reserves, for football), the question marks and deviations before the match would be much more than in tennis, for example, where the odds are formed by bookmakers much more easily, usually according to the ranking of the players, their current form and their performance on the particular surface.

Over/Under goals

Over/Under goals

The goals strategy for football events is one of the most popular among bettors. You won’t come across a bookmaker that doesn’t offer goal markets, and the reason is very simple – high demand. 

The most popular markets to bet on are the total number of goals on the final score – most often the “over/under 2.5 goals”. This is because the margin for more or less than two goals in football matches is statistically the most accurate, i.e. approximately half of the events end at under 2.5 goals and the rest at over 2.5 goals.

To successfully implement this strategy, you should study in detail several factors that could affect the number of goals in the upcoming event. 

Absent players

If Team A is missing key players in attack for the upcoming match, then you could look for an outcome under 2.5 goals or under 3.5 goals (if the odds are good enough). 

If Team B will be without some of their key players in defence, they are likely to concede more goals than in previous matches. Then you could opt for the “over” market .

Reviewing the stats for the last matches

stats for the last matches

Do some research and look at the trend of the last matches of both teams – what average number of goals they score and concede. This way you will be able to make a significantly more courageous bet than if you just pick one of the markets and invest your money in it.

Previous matches between the two teams

Nowadays, the previous matches between the teams are increasingly important for the outcome of events. If you notice that in the last 5 matches between team A and team B no more than 2 goals have been scored, don’t expect this to change in the sixth match, but on the contrary – explore the possibilities of a bet presenting a continuation of the trend.

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